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Caroline Moss

LVL 1 DAATA Groomer - Under process of LVL 2 Certification


Hello, I am Caroline

I am a home-based groomer using force/fear-free methods, positive reinforcement and holistic therapies to help dog’s to have a calm, low-stress groom. I am City & Guilds trained to Level 2 and hope to do my Level 3 once lockdown is over.
I am a Fear Free Certified Professional.
I hold a First and Second Degree in Reiki for Dog Groomers and hope to become a Reiki Master in the future. I
I play soothing music for dogs and often use pet friendly calming essential oils.
I carefully select my products based on the dogs coat and skin type and the natural/ethical accreditation of the supplier and I measure the bathing water temperature according to the DAATA ICDG method.
I am currently studying for Diploma's in Canine Behaviour and Safe Dog Handling with the ISCP, alongside being one of the first students to attend The Holistic Grooming Academy working towards a Holistic Grooming Diploma.
Continued Professional Development is important to me, I want to be the best that I can be and I want dog’s to be in the care of a kind and compassionate Dog Groomer who understands their skin and coat needs, their signals and behaviours. I love, love, love dogs, big and small and everything inbetween.
I am also known for having a supply of tasty treats in my pocket!

+44 (0)7980 676897

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